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Cool Tools For Healing and Pain Control
Have you lived before?
Former past life regression therapist Karin Hoppe Holloway has devised this workbook to allow anyone to explore their possible previous lives on their own. No hypnosis is required, and this ebook is in PDF format with fields that the reader can filll in and save as a permanent record of their explorations.
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A wartime love story told in letters
To mark the centenary of the beginning of the First World War we are publishing this collection of letters. Written by a young man who became an officer in the trenches of France to his fiancee back in England, this is an interesting insight into life at the time, and also a poignant love story.
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Delicious, practical recipes to share with friends and family
Karin Hoppe Holloway collected all her favourite recipes in a single volume to make it easy to find them. Her friends and family have found these so useful she has decided to share them with a wider audience.
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Heal your mind and body with visual imagery
Karin Hoppe Holloway has adapted a variety of tools used by therapists for everday use. These inner journeys will help to calm a troubled mind, reduce pain and discomfort and may even stimulate your own inner healer.
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Angel on Vacation We have several more books imminently ready for publication, and many more in the process of preparation. Please check back regularly or subscribe to our newsletter.
Would an angel take a vacation on Earth as a human?
When 13-year-old Nicholai took a long train journey with his hypnotherapist mother, she asked him to relax and tell her about the pictures in his head, and recorded the results. What emerged in this and subsequent sessions was an extraordinarily coherent account of an angel taking a vacation on Earth as a human. Nick explains about God, angels and demons, Hell and Heaven in a forthright and entertaining way. This is a book that will leave you wondering.       
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