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Have you lived before? 

The most reliable way of exploring your past lives is hypnotic past life regression, but this is both time-consuming and expensive. Karin Hoppe Holloway has devised an ingenious way each of us can explore our past lives without the use of hypnosis.


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Karin became interested in reincarnation when she spontaneously experienced a past life regression during a hypnosis class. Extremely skeptical at first, she spent months researching the past life she had experienced, and was eventually convinced by the accurate details she recalled. She went on to become a past life therapist, and was impressed by how effective this therapy can be. She also realized that our present lives are peppered with clues to our past lives in the form of traces, resonances and recollections.

This workbook is designed to make you aware of these clues in your present life, and to help you collect them into a form that will make the eras and areas of your past lives more obvious to you.

It is also designed to be fun, and its evocative questions and exercises will help to to increase your self-knowledge in every area of your life.

This new digital edition of the workbook has fields (PDF forms) for you to fill in and save as a permanent record of your explorations.

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